(Not Quite) A Year in Twitter Trends

This is a quick preview of a project I am working on to visualize how twitter trends change over time. The display shows a timeline of the months in which I've been collecting a daily dump of the top twitter trends. The application downloads this data and calculates the most popular trends for a pre-determined time window. In the example below, the window size is 24 hours. The trend words that you see listed represent the most popular words for each 24 hour window.

The visualization progresses in 12 hour increments, and displays the trends in descending order of frequency, with the size of the word proportional to how often it occurs in that time window. You can use the timeline scrubber to jump to any available time and see what the popular trends were on that day.

If you have an idea for how you might visualize this data set, let me know and I'll be glad to share the link to the cached version that I use which updates the dataset daily with new twitter trends